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Frequently Asked Questions

I don't live in Australia, can I still buy and use the DVD/Download?
Yes. You will be charged AUD $15 per DVD (FREE postage within Australia) and Paypal will manage all current exchange rates (for purchases outside of Australia).  DVDs will not be dispatched until funds have cleared.  You will need to inform our sales team of your video format when ordering (eg. NTSC or PAL). Our downloadable files are even easier as these are available for download as soon as they are purchased, wherever you are in the world.
I hate waiting for the post can I have painting tuition now?
Yes. We have 2 types of files in our Online Store these are easy to identify by the price - the $15 items are the DVDs and if you buy these you may wait upto 2 weeks for their delivery. However the $10 items are direct downloads, you pay for this item and you will be given a link that you will have 72 hours & 5 download attempts to download this file. So as fast as your internet connection it, you will be painting.
Will a download play on my TV/Computer/Tablet and am I limited to how many times I can watch it?
Yes and No. Many modern televisions/media players have the facility to have a USB stick plugged into them and most will play the AVI file once it is downloaded.  Computers and tablets have this facility to play AVI files also. No you may watch it over and over just as you would have with a DVD.
Can I use the DVD that I purchase in a group setting?
DVDs are intended for private use, however, under certain circumstances we can waive this condition, please Contact Us directly.
Will the DVD work in my computer?
Yes. So long as the optical drive in your computer supports DVD optical disks.
Can I make a copy (or share across a network) of a purchased DVD or Downloaded file for a friend or relative?
No. This is a violation of your conditions of purchase.
I am just setting up painting, where do I begin acquiring the equipment? 
Any local art supply shop should carry the brushes and the paint that need to to begin painting like a pro. Remember start off small you do not need expensive equipment to begin.
Why are Downloads cheaper than DVDs?
In this modern age where many computers are losing DVD drives and the world is moving more and more towards portable devices we have decided to make this available, because you are now not buying a disk and paying for postage we can make this method of delivery cheaper.  
What is the quality of the DVD/Download?
All movies are recorded in DVD quality.  While all downloads have to be kept below 100Mb we have managed to keep the same quality in our downloads as you got on the DVD.
What if I am not happy with my purchase?
You are required to Contact Us within 5 days of the DVD being delivered and return it (by post) in the the next available posting cycle.  NOTE: You will be refunded the price of the goods only on their arrival to Ken Harris, $5/item postage will NOT be refunded.  Refunds will only be given if the items return in the same condition as to what they left initially for dispatch.
What do I do if I have any other questions?
Please do not hesitate to call Ken Harris on +61 07 3209 6828 or email: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.